- 5/3/2018

One of our many technology initiatives this year is to design a new, more robust transportation management system (TMS) that will provide the ability to customize the SmartShip Optimizer. This is an enhancement we want to offer to you as a result of several requests to use different carriers and shipping methods in the current SmartShip Optimizer.

As we worked on the design we analyzed our current TMS and our SmartShip Optimizer, that offer slower costs and fastest transit times.  While the original shipping service offerings were developed with good intentions we have discovered that the conflicting logic for transit time and lowest cost cannot be used in conjunction.  RSL’s new TMS, slated for release later this year, will not support the “1Day”, “2Day” or “3Day” methods for this reason.  It will be designed for lowest cost for ground service, only. 

Please note that if you are utilizing these methods, RSL cannot guarantee the shipping method selection for lowest cost and/or transit time.  We advise not to use the SmartShip Optimizer for express services.  Please refer to our SmartShip Optimizer FAQ in SmartFill for additional details.