- 9/10/2018

As our company's CEO, Michael Manzione, shared with you in an earlier message this year, RSL has made a significant investment and commitment to develop new technology designed to improve our performance and provide more robust platforms that support your needs in running your business.


We are currently going through several phases of development, and are excited to roll out Robotics to a majority of our facilities within the next 60 days. This rollout will provide us the ability to improve our inventory accuracy, manage the ebb and flow of volume with more ease and continue to ship orders within SLA, which is critical during the holiday season.  As we progress on our technology initiatives, we analyze the alignment of current business processes to determine if they are sustainable and support our new technology.  During Robotics testing, we recognized the window we provide to hold or cancel an order hinders its performance. Going forward, we will continue to support the ability to hold and cancel orders, but will make a modification to the allotted time commencing on Friday, September 21.


Please note that effective Friday, September 21 the ability for order cancellation and order holds will be available when the order is in “Accepted” status only.  Once the status has changed to “Processing” will no longer be held or canceled.  We will continue to communicate any future changes as we “Always Improve. Always Advance” our technology.  Look out for more updates as we move into 2019.  It’s sure to be an exciting year!