- 11/9/2018

We recently deployed a modification that affected the edit, cancel and deletion functions on orders.  After this system enhancement was released we recognized from your feedback the in-ability to edit header fields on an order that was in “Processing” status was too limiting. We have released a new enhancement that now allows you and your team the ability to update all non-SKU fields of an order when the order is in the “Accepted” and“Processing” order status.  Once a shipping label is created and the status changes to “Shipped”, changes can no longer be made.

We have also released a change modifying how orders can be routed to another fulfillment center.  If the order is in “Accepted”status we can reroute orders.  Once the order moves into “Processing”status it can no longer be routed.  We will continue to communicate any future changes as we “Always Improve. Always Advance” our technology.