- 1/24/2019
As previously announced, major shipping carriers have recently or will soon be implementing their annual rate increase. We are continuing to negotiate with FedEx and UPS to secure the best available rates for you.  Rate cards will be available as soon as our negotiations have been finalized.

Effective 1/27/19 USPS will implement the first of its two major changes with pricing this year. USPS's First Class Package service will be moving to zone based pricing on this date. Previously, all First Class shipments were billed by weight only, regardless of zone. Please refer to the links below for the 2019 USPS rate cards below:

2019 USPS First Class
2019 USPS Priority Mail
2019 USPS Priority Mail Express

USPS's second major change will be effective June 23, 2019. At this time USPS will convert to a dimensional weight calculation. This will apply to all USPS products which includes DHL eCommerce.

• The Postal Service will defer any dimensional provisions for Parcel Select until June 23, 2019, and will eliminate the balloon pricing from Parcel Select and Parcel Select Ground for all Zones and all Entries
• Effective January 27, 2019, balloon pricing applying to Zones 1 – 4 will be eliminated, and the existing dimensional pricing and DIM divisor of 194 applying to commercial Priority Mail Zones 5 – 9 will be retained
• Dimensional weight is currently applied to Priority Mail Zones 5 – 9 and calculated for packages over one cubic foot by dividing the determined cubic volume (length x width x height) by 194

Keep a lookout for more 2019 shipping information as we will continue to keep you updated as negotiations and rate cards are finalized.