- 1/31/2018

To our valued employees, clients and partners;

As we reflect on 2017 and evaluate our successes and areas of opportunities, I’m encouraged and excited about our plans for 2018.  In years to come, as we look back on 2018, we will see it as the year a paradigm shift occurred in how we engage with each other and add value to our clients.  We are focused on three areas:

1.   Improved quality and service will be driven through greater training programs, packaging automation, robotics and software applications.

2.   We are changing and replacing all our legacy software to better serve each other and especially you – our client.  We have partnered with Microsoft Dynamics to serve as the center piece for business intelligence.  As we complete the software build out and testing in 2018, we are poised to begin the transition for all clients in 2019. 

3.   Expansion and acquisitions have been a major focus of 2017 to prepare us to offer a full supply chain management solution.  Details will follow soon.

Our department leadership will provide additional, specific details to their plans that will provide greater insight.



Michael J. Manzione


Rakuten Super Logistics