- 3/1/2017

Your Rakuten Super Logistics Customer Manual has been updated to include descriptions of the functions and capabilities, and step-by-step procedures to help you access and use the products and services offered by RSL. The new manual also includes recent changes to select procedures and fee structures.

You may access the manual by clicking here: http://bit.ly/RSLManual

A link to the manual also resides in the footer of every SmartFill page, under Customer Support.

Please note the following fee updates, effective April 1, 2017:

- Product changes will incur a $3.00 fee per order (or $50.00 per pallet and/or per freight order) 

- Non-standard freight shipment fee is $35.00 per man hour for receiving

- In-House Transfer Fee will be billed at $35.00 per man hour

- Picture requests will be billed at $4.00 per picture

- A payment processing fee of $15 will be billed for wire transfer invoice payments

RSL is dedicated to providing you and your customers with fast and accurate order fulfillment, supported by first-class customer service. We are confident that you will find your new RSL Customer Manual to be an informative and beneficial tool. However, we ask that you please contact us with any feedback you may have as to how we can continue to improve.

Thank you for your business partnership.

If you have any questions please contact Customer Support via email at support@rakutensl.com and a representative will be happy to help.